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Professional photography for every occasion. This is my portfolio of work done under independant contracts for various brands and clients.

Weddings & Engagements

I’m passionate about capturing real moments without feeling staged or forced. I take pride in capturing intimate moments that sometimes go unseen, with a special eye for detail. I aim to freeze the feeling of that special day as they felt at the time so that the couple can relive these moments when they revisit the images.


Through portraiture I try to create authentic representations of the people in front of my lens. I specialize in candid portraits - although I have experience shooting professional headshots as well as creative studio photos.


These are personal projects, collaborations and art creations that I have done.


Having a BSc. in Biology I have worked with animals in many capacities including in a laboratory setting as well as at a wildlife rehabilitation centre in Costa Rica. For this reason wildlife photography is a big passion of mine.

About me

Welcome to Street Adventure Photography, where moments come to life through candid portraiture. I’m Sofie Hojabri, a Montreal-based freelance photographer with a passion for capturing genuine interactions and telling stories through the lens.

With a love for story telling and a keen eye for detail, I’ve documented experiences and adventures both in my vibrant city and across the globe. I have experience photographing a variety of subjects including festivals, sports events, headshots, products, and over 10 weddings and engagements. I shoot a little bit of everything and have experience shooting digital as well as analog images. 

Additionally, I offer videography services to capture your moments in motion, and I’m equipped with a drone to provide stunning aerial perspectives.

If you’re seeking a photographer who can capture the essence of your moments in a way that feels real and unforced, I’m here to bring your vision to life.  Contact me today to discuss your photography needs.

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