Dry Pressed Flowers

I started dry pressing flowers methodically back in university as apart of my classes which included collecting, pressing and identifying plant species. While I wasn’t keen on the classification part of the process I really enjoyed colleting and drying the flowers.

Gallery Show 2019

I was apart of a gallery show at Saturday Swim Gallery in Montreal in November 2020. I exhibited several flower frames which I had made, as well as about a dozen holiday cards with one of a kind illustrations and dry pressed flowers.

McGill Herbarium

I volunteered briefly at the Mcgill Herbarium in 2019. I helped to catalog plant specimens for their archives which comprised of tens of thousands of plant species from all over the world. I mounted these specimens as well as their identification for their classification as well as occasionally documenting these specimens digitally.
In December of 2021 and 2022 I took part in a Christmas market as apart of a collective of artists at WIP Gallery on St.Laurent Blvd. I had the opportunity to sell my flower frames as well as other art I have created such as photography prints, stickers and block prints and wood cuts.